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Our Company will decide to create a Management group for organize our business in a more efficient way. Our Management Group is responsible for managing the Company's core business operations as a whole, which requires planning of various development processes, Group principles and Group practices, as well as monitoring the development of financial matters and Group business plans.

Our Company is managed by an elected management committee. The lead Position on this Management committee is called Chief Managing Director (CMD). Typically other key positions in our management group Groups include: - Operation Head, Business, Development Manager, Business Promoter, Marketing Officer, and Branch Manager

Designation of our Management Group :-

Chief Managing Director: -                       Mr. Mohan Kumar Parida

Operation Head: -                                        Mr Ramesh Chandra Behera

Business Development Manager: -       Mr Suresh Chandra Behera

Business Promoter: -                                  Mr Gobinda Chandra Sahoo

Marketing Officer: -                                     Mr Gadadhar Behura

Branch Manager: -                                       Mr Prakash kumar sahoo